Miss Sissy’s Epilepsy

Ini adalah naskah role play kelompok kami kemaren demi memunuhi tugas Bahasa Inggris. Thx to @Fabi_antZ yang dengan gilanya membuat naskah ini. Hasilnya? alhamdulillah dapet predikat good job, i like it, edan, seru, keren, mendalami peran banget, properti paling lengkap dari teman – teman bahkan dosen pun memuji kelompok kami. Singkat cerita, ada cewek yang cantik, modis, blablabla (ehem, yang aku peranin) sedang berbelanja di mall, saking banyaknya belanjaan dan terlalu lelah penyakit “ayan”nya kumat, nah dari sini penjelasan tentang penyakit ini dimulai. Gara” ini saya dapet predikat ayanen, kurang asem emang teman” saya ini. Ok, untuk lebih jelasnya kita simak berikut ini:


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On the Sunday morning, a girl called Sissy is walking around. She looks confused, not becasuse she’s worried but what boutique she wants to see first. Yeah, she is in a big famous shopping center located in the downtown, Solo Grand Mall.

And what does she look like? Don’t ask…

She is a beatiful, tall, sexy, glamorous, and fashionable as well. Or that was she thought…

She is moving on one famous boutique to another one. She’s interesting some catchy stuffs when she’s walking through the display window of Matahari Department Store.


Sissy      : “oh my God, it’s awesome…

                   How much is it?”

SPG        : “it’s Rp 300.000,- and discount 20% off, so it’s about Rp 240.000,-

Don’t worry miss, it’s a hundred percent silk and it’s a handmade. Touch it, it’s so soft and    convenient. Just put it on, and you’re going to love it..”

Sissy      : “really? Is it silk?”

SPG        : “No doubt miss..”

Sissy      : “but it’s too much expensive.

                   Ummm…. what about Rp 100.000,- and I will take it. How’s that?”

SPG        : “don’t you know, it’s a department store, not a night market. You must not bargain here.”

Sissy      : “Of course I didn’t. I was kidding, okay…

    I take it..”

SPG        : “let me, please..”

Sissy      : “can I just use my credit card? I’m not used to paying in cash”

SPG        : “yes miss.”

Sissy      : “oh, I love you more than anything, my precious credit card..”

SPG        : “Here you are. Cashier’s over there. Thank you.”

Sissy      : “oh, okay…”


It doesn’t take a long time for sissy to carry a lot off bags on. She buys anything she wants and what she thinks it’s fashionable. She goes to another store, walks through the corridor, buys this and that, even if others thing that “be wiser, just take what you need not what all you want”. But it does not work for a shopaholic. “everything will be alright, just swipe your credit card”, that’s all in her mind.

And of course everything was alright before she gets her disease relapsed..


Sissy      : “it’s too heavy. Where are the boys when the girls need some helps??

                   I hate being a single. I wish have a boyfriend..

   Oh my God, I’m so tired. I think I’m getting a little dizzy…”


Then suddenly she’s down. She’s convulsive and froth comes out from her mouth. Everyone surrounded is shocked by that incident. They don’t know what to do.


A man   : “oh my God, what’s happening??

                   Miss, are you okay? Somebody, help me…”

SPG        : “oh, her convulsions won’t stop.. what should we do??

A man   : “she must be tranced..

                  GO AWAY YOU, GHOST!! GO AWAY EVIL !! GO AWAYY…

                  Someone, call the shaman… we need a paranormal here…”

SPG        : “don’t be ridiculous ! there isn’t such thing!!”

A man   : “so what we’re going to do?

                   While we argue at each other, she is getting worse..”

SPG        : “I don’t know, I am not a paramedic !”


Somehow a girl comes through the crowd and offers help.


A girl      : “don’t panic, it’s not caused by something supranatural…

                   It’s just a disease called epilepsy. She’s relapse..”

A man   : “really? So what should we do?”

A girl      : “first, don’t move her if it’s not necessary. Just lay her down like this potition (recumbent).

   Loose her tight stuff like belt, collar, shirt and trousers button.

   The most important is keeping her tongue away from bitten.”

SPG        : “How?”

A girl      : &ldq
uo;use an ice cream stick or spoon. Cover its tip using handkerchief

                  Then put it into her mouth like this.”

SPG        : “Just that?”

A girl      : “not just that..

                  Keep her away from hardstool, water, and fire.

  Do not hold her body to stop her convulsions and do not leave her alone..”

A man   : “hey, both of you…

                   I think her convulsions are going to stop. But she’s still unconscious.

                  Hey miss… wake up..”

A girl      : “it will be better if we take her to the hospital so she will get the treatment further more..”

A man   : “okay, I’ll handle it. Help me to take her in my car over there..”

SPG        : “okay,, let me help you..”

A girl      : “just be careful..”


Miss Sissy is taken to the nearest hospital. She gets the medical treatment from the doctor on emergency department. Not take a long time for Sissy to be conscious. And fortunatelly, she is not necessary to be hospitalized.

Now she is able to speak with the others.


Sissy      : “where am I?”

A girl      : “You are in hospital now. Don’t worry, you got your epilepsy relapsed. Now it’s fine “

Sissy      : “oh, thank you for helping me miss. I can’t imagine if no one was there to help me.”

A girl      : “your welcome. I think the doctor want to see you. Just wait here, I’ll call her.”

Sissy      : “thank you”


Doctor  : “hi, how are you?”

Sissy      : “I’m fine.”

Doctor  : “I’ve examined you, and I think it’s just your convulsion. Nothing seems serious.”

Sissy      : “really?? Oh, thanks God.. can I go home doc? Please..”

Doctor  : “sure, but you have to get consultation first about your condition and your treatment.

                   You have to see the nurse over there, okay.”

Sissy      : “okay, thank you doc..”

Doctor  : “your welcome..”


Before sissy is permitted to go home, nurses give her some advices. They give health promotions of epilepsy. They are in a consultation room on emergency department.


Nurse caroline   : “how are you miss?”

Sissy                      : “I’m better, ma’am. Much, much better..”

Nurse caroline   : “glad to hear  that you are fine.

                                   How often does it strike miss? Is it rare or often?

   And how long does it take?”

Sissy                      : “i do not know..

                                   I think it’s often recently. I got this since i was 17..”

Nurse caroline   : “it is called epilepsy miss.”

Sissy                      : “oh my God… I don’t know that…

                                   Is it dangerous and cause a death? Will I die in my young age?”

Nurse caroline   : “of course not…

                                   Don’t be affraid miss, It won’t kill you.

Epilepsy is the term applied to an excessive, inappropriate but self limiting,   electrical discharge from a mass of nerve cells, which results in the patient having an episodic disturbance of consciousness, or movement or sensation.”

Sissy                      : “oh, okay..

                                    How can it be?”

Nurse caroline   : “it’s caused by a scar following birth injury, Cerebral tumor, Stroke, Drug and

   alcohol misuse, Trauma later in life, and Genetic miss.”

Sissy                      : “yeah, I remembered just now..

   my Mom told me that she has the same signs and symptoms like I do.

   I think it’s epilepsy too. So it’s a genetic, right?”

Nurse caroline   : “yes mis..

                                   Do you know the way to prevent it?”

Sissy                      : “No.. would you mind telling me please?”

Nurse caroline   : “first of all, you have to manage your stress miss.

   Stress can be the major precipitation of epilepsy strike. Don’t consume alcohol.

   do not smoke and take a rest enough miss.”

Sissy                      : “i don’t smoke, neither consume alcohol. I think it might because of stress”

Nurse caroline   : “you should not go all alone miss. if it strikes again, there must be someone

   who knows the first treatment so he or she may help you as soon as possible.

  Like the girl helped you. She knows the management of epilepsy very well.”

Sissy                      : “yes ma’am…”

Nurse caroline   : “and don’t forget to take your medicine regularly miss. This one is anti-epiletic drug

                                   AED does not cure epilepsy, but they do prevent seizures from occurring.

   Side effects are common when starting treatment with AEDs and include nausea,

   abdominal pain, drowsiness, dizziness, irritability, and mood changes.

                                   You must take this twice a day. Remember, take it regularly, okay..”

Sissy                      : “okay, thank you for your information. It’s helpful..”

Nurse Caroline  : “do you get the picture of epilepsy? are there any questions?”

Sissy                      : “yeah, about the side effects. How long does it take?”

Nurse caroline   : “For some people, the side effects will pass within a few days,

   whereas for others, the effects may persist for many months

                                   don’t be affraid, okay.”

Sissy                      : “thank you so much..”

Nurse caroline   : “okay, i think that’s all. If there are still more questions or you want to see the

                                   specialist to check up, please contact us.

                                   Thank you for your attention miss. Take care.”

Sissy                      : “your welcome. Bye then..”

Nurse caroline   : “bye..”


Then miss sissy is going back home. She knows everything about her disease now. And we think, she would never be alone anymore even just for a window shopping, ever.



***THE END***